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About Us

BDL - BizDeLite is the first website to encompass the entire business community. We also understand that "One size does not fit all". This is why we offer 5 "FREE" account types tailored to fit the services you need to succeed, all-in-one easy to navigate location.

We combine what all B2B & B2C service providers and funding companies' offer and more. The biggest difference being, BDL is FREE with no hidden cost. We give you a profile web presence that you can use for the "entirety" of your business, removing the financial burden and risk when starting or growing an existing business. We even provide you with Referral De-Lite™ the FREE Business Marketing & Social Media Software that will allow you to win over your Competition.

The result is the largest network of Start-ups, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Funding Seekers, Inventors, Angel Investors, VC (Venture Capital Investors), Lending Institutions, Providers of Business to Business & Business to Consumer Services, Freelancers and Talent Seekers.

We know what it requires to take an idea from conception to the marketplace. We also know how difficult it can be to acquire funding. This is what sets us apart from other B2B service providers and funding companies.

"Pay Nothing and receive everything your business needs to succeed"


Member Profiles:

Angel Investors, VC (Venture Capital) Investors and Lending Institutions can create an update-able profile to let other members see what type of investment they are looking for and the type of financial services that they provide. They can search for investment deals that match their criteria, find a partner, find other investors, businesses for sale, business service providers and freelancers. They can also upload a web video to market themselves or institution. Investors cannot be contacted without an Executive Summary.

Small businesses, Entrepreneurs, Inventors and business brokers can create an update-able profile. They can upload pictures, videos, an executive summary or complete the provided form with instructions. They can post an ad to advertise their business, invention or investment opportunity. They can also buy and sell businesses.

Providers of Business Services and Freelancers can create an update-able Public Profile that includes Services Performed, an Image Gallery, Videos, Awards, Associations, Special Offers and more. They can also search for an investor.

Talent Seekers can post a job and perform a targeted search for Service Providers and Freelancers. Whenever a match is made between the Talent Seekers requested services and the Service Providers and Freelancers services offered, an automated message is sent to the Service Providers and Freelancers Inbox notifying them that a job has been posted to their dashboard where they can submit a bid. The BDL automated qualification process saves the Talent Seeker, Service Provider and Freelancer time and money performing searches and contacting each other.

All members can receive BDL Crowdfunding.

Unlike other funding and service provider companies, the level of services to members is not dependent on their membership level. All BDL memberships and services are “free”.

We will not allow you to perform a search, tease you with a partial list and then ask you to pay. The “only” cost you will incur is the option to submit a sponsored ad.

Our Mission:

We Celebrate - Inspire - Educate & Connect Small Businesses
"From hopeless to success one business at a time"

Buying & Selling a Business