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Referral De-Lite™

Referral De-Lite™ and Social De-Lite™ is a FREE Business Marketing and Social Media Software Platform that leverages Facebooks new algorithm by encouraging peer to peer sharing. By doing so, it allows you to keep in touch and market to past, present and new customers. Compare to other marketing software platforms at $199/month. BDL is dedicated to your success.

Word of mouth x Social Media = Social Referrals

What are the Benefits?

We make it easy and FREE for Members to:

  • Share referrals about favorite service providers.
  • Identify and contact Service Providers doing great work for their online friends.
  • Submit their project requests to highly recommended Service Providers.
  • Save on deals offered by Service Providers across many specialties.

We make it easy for Service Providers to:

  • Receive social media referrals from happy Members.
  • Generate De-Lite™ among hundreds, even thousands of prospective customers.
  • Be easily findable when members go searching for top-notch service providers.
  • Stand out from the competition based on their great work.

How the De-Lite™ Works for You

Get Referral De-Lite™: It takes only minutes for you to set up your profile and be ready to attract BDL Members. Then just ask satisfied Members to put in a good word for your great work. Those referrals get published to their social media profiles. With the average Facebook user having more than 242 online friends and the average Twitter user has 126 Followers, positive De-Lite™ about your business is soon spreading among not a handful, but hundreds or thousands, of people. People, who know, trust and are connected to Members, making them even more likely to contact you the next time they need your service.

Build Referral De-Lite™: The De-Lite™ doesn’t stop there. Next time you begin a project, you and your customer can agree on key project milestones. As each milestone is completed, notify your customer via the Referral De-Lite™ tab on their Dashboard. You’ll be giving them news they can enthusiastically share with their social media followers. And the De-Lite™ keeps building for your business.

Attract Referral De-Lite™: Create a photo gallery of your best work via the Photo Gallery in your Profile. Promote a special or introductory offer in your profile Special Offer tab. Take advantage of our FREE “Social De-Lite™ Referral Kit” for BDL Members to spread the word about your business. Referral De-Lite™ positions you to be found and differentiated when consumers go looking for a service provider, especially one that comes highly recommended by BDL Members.

Bank Referral De-Lite™ Receive and respond to detailed project requests; submit bids and confirm bid acceptance through the Referral De-Lite™. We’re all about building your brand and your business, BizDeLiteing the two most powerful marketing forces available today: Traditional word-of-mouth referrals and Cutting-edge social media.

Referral De-Lite™ and Social De-Lite™ are trademarks of BizDeLite, LLC

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