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Inventor Directory - Helpful Websites for Inventors
Have an invention or invention idea?
This is a list of helpful links for inventors.
BDL - BizDeLite does not endorse any of the links, they are merely provided to serve as a helpful starting point for your own research.
BDL Member General Resources
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Key Resources
US Government Assistance for Inventors
Defending Against Fraudulent Schemes
Industry and Market Analysis
Patent Searches and Registration
Finding a Lawyer
Crowdsourcing and Invention Competitions
  • - Anyone can submit an idea, the Quirky community helps develop the idea and winners are chosen every week to get their products developed. Making The Most of - Inventor Tips, Advice and Info
  • - Genius Crowds allows anyone to submit an idea and the community to comment. Winners can potentially be made into future products. Winners are chosen by the Genius crowds team and royalties are shared with the inventor.
  • - International Crowdfunding platform for all types of campaigns.
Financing and Loans
Crowdfunding online source for microfunding for your invention idea
Kid Inventors
Product Development
  • Product Developer Blog from the Product Developer and Manager's Association
  • AIPMM - Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) is largest professional organization of product, brand managers, and product marketing managers.
  • European Intellectual Property Association - The European Intellectual Property Association (EIPAWEB) represents over 100 non-governmental and other not-for-profit organizations interested in protection the intellectual property of all Europeans.
  • Marketing Profs - helping info and marketing know-how from professionals and professors.
  • Cision - Source for media contacts such as newspapers, magazines, television and radio.
  • Marketing Sherpa - real life case studies, practical know-ho and benchmark data on what works in marketing today.
  • LES - Licensing Executives Society- extensive resources and training for its members but there is an annual fee and to join, you need to have referrals for existing members.
  • Thomas Register of Manufacturers - Database for industrial information, products, services available at most libraries. This is a great list to look for potential licensees.
Free Press Release Publication and Distribution
  • PressExposure - free basic press release distribution service
  • PRWeb - free basic press release distribution service
  • PRLeap - free basic press release distribution service
Trade Shows
  • TSNN - search for a trade show
General Business Advice
  • - terrific resource for free small business advice and individual counseling for free.
  • - great resource on everything you need to start your business
Foreign Government Patent Office
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