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Why BizDeLite

It’s Fast and Easy to Create Your Campaign

BDL - BizDeLite crowdfunding is a fast, easy way to raise money online. Individuals or groups can create campaigns that highlight their personal stories or causes and explain in detail what they are trying to achieve by raising money.  The possibilities are limitless. You can use BDL crowdfunding to raise money for a business idea, tuition, medical emergency, volunteer project, celebration…whatever matters to you the most. There is also no limit on the amount of money you can raise. People just like you are using BDL crowdfunding to make incredible things happen every day!

Worldwide Promotion

When you launch your BDL crowdfunding campaign you’ll gain international exposure and promotion from a worldwide community that visits BDL.

Prove It to Yourself

It’s time for you to discover the power of online fundraising. Learn why CNN, Time Magazine, and The New York Times have all reported about how simple and easy it is to start raising money this way.

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