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A.  We combine what all B2B & B2C service providers and funding companies' offer and more, all in one easy to navigate location. The biggest difference being, "you pay nothing" and receive everything your business needs to succeed. We give you a profile web presence that you can use for the "entirety" of your business, removing the risk of owning your own business. We even provide you with FREE Business Marketing & Social Media Software that will allow you to win over your Competition.

A.  BizDeLite (Business Investor Network) is an online social network where Funding Seekers, Investors, Lending institutions and Service Providers all come together in one place. - See more at:

A. Eighty percent of today’s work force is employed by a company of 20 employees or less.

Since BDL provides a profile web presence that can be used for the "entirety" of a new or existing business, we remove the financial burden and risk when starting or growing a business.

Similar to Facebook, except for creating sponsored ads that are viewed by potential customers, all BDL services are free.

We even provide FREE Business Marketing & Social Media Software that allows you to win over your Competition.

This creates an opportunity for entrepreneurs to initiate new ventures, ultimately creating good paying skilled jobs

A. To simplify the process and make it more efficient, BDL - BizDeLite is made up of 10 Modules that create an easy to follow road-map. No confusing links or drop down menus to navigate. Start-ups, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Investors, Lending institutions, Service Providers, Freelancers and Talent Seekers all come together in one place to sign up and become a member. Each are then listed in an easy to find searchable database associated with the appropriate module.

There are 4 types of memberships.

  1. "Start-ups, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Inventors & Business Brokers" can seek funding, search for a partner, B2B service provider, freelancer, find start-up talent that will work for equity, post a job, and buy or sell a business.
  2. "Angel and VC Investors" can look for investment deals that match their criteria and include an executive summary. They can also Find a Partner, Businesses For Sale, B2B Service Providers and Freelancers.
  3. "B2B & B2C Service Providers and Freelancers" receive and have the option to quote jobs from other members that match the services that they provide. They have the option to create sponsored ads that appear on member pages that are seeking the services they provide. They also have access to Referral De-Lite™, BDL's exclusive Business Marketing & Social Media Software Platform that allows them to keep in touch and market to past, present and new customers.
  4. "Talent Seekers" can seek help to complete a personal project that fits their budget.

All members are provided with an up-datable Dashboard that includes a Message Center, Favorites, Profile, Services and Contact Preferences tabs. The members Profile section generates a Public Profile page that can be viewed by other members.

Start-ups, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Service Providers and Freelancers can create a funding request that is viewable by investors and can also be sent to targeted investors.

Choose the appropriate module depending on whether you are seeking funding, seeking a service, providing funding, providing a service, seeking start-up talent or posting a job.

Depending on the module you will be able to select the criteria to perform a targeted search. You will then have the option of selecting from your search results who you would like to contact. When a member sends a message to another member, the recipient will receive an e-mail message with a link to BDL where they can log in to check their messages and respond to the sender.

If you are an inventor you can visit the Inventors Spot Module where you can find advice, show place, license, or sell your invention.

A forum is provided to help open the lines of communication between Start-ups, Small Businesses,  Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Investors, Lending institutions, Service Providers, Freelancers, Talent Seekers and Business Brokers. This will also assist members in getting their questions answered and problems resolved.

A. BDL - BizDeLite is the first website to encompass the entire business community. We understand that "One size does not fit all". This is why we offer 4 "FREE" account types with no strings or obligations, tailored to fit the services you need to succeed all-in-one easy to navigate location. Each account also receives an easily update-able profile web page that can be used for the "entirety" of your business or personal use.

If you are a Start-up, Small Business, Entrepreneur, Inventor or Business Broker you can find Investors and submit an Executive Summary with the help of our Executive Summmary Tool. You can also Find a Partner, Freelancer, Provider of Business Services, Buy & Sell a Business and receive Crowdfunding with No Hidden Fees. We help you compare and hire talented professionals at a price that fits your budget. You can perform a Targeted Search and Categorized Save of your Favorites.

If you are an Investor or Lending Institution it will provide a greater number of viable opportunities to Invest or Buy a Business For Sale. You will receive Investment Deals that match your Personally Defined Criteria. Every Investment Deal is fully-qualified with a complete Executive Summary.

B2B & B2C Service Providers and Freelancers can start their oun business with No Startup Cost, No Charges Against Earnings, No Charges per Lead and No Charges to Bid on Jobs. They can "Win over your Competition" with Free Business Marketing & Social Media Software. They can also Find a Partner or Investor.

Talent Seekers can seek help to complete a personnal project with the help from a Great Service Provider or Freelancer at a price that fits their budget. They can Perform a Targeted Search and Save of their Favorite Service Providers & Freelancers. They can also receive help from BDL Forum Members and Consulting Services.

A.  All BDL - BizDeLite memberships and services are free, with no strings or obligations. All services on BDL are free, with no strings or obligations. The only cost you will receive is the cost to submit a sponsored ad, receive BDL Business Consulting Services or services from a 3rd party.

A. It's easy, just click on Join Now. You will then be taken to the Join Now page where you can choose 1 of 4 membership types.

  1. Start-ups, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Inventors
  2. Investor or Lender
  3. Service Provider or Freelancer
  4. Consumer seeking a talented Service Provider to accomplish a personal project.

A.  Anyone can join that is providing or seeking the types of services provided on BDL - BizDeLite.

A.  We know that privacy is very important on the Internet, so we GUARANTEE that your identity and any information that you provide about yourself or company will be kept strictly confidential. Your information will never be rented, traded or sold. Period!

A.  When you sign in click on the Forgot your password? link. A box will appear that will say Reset Your Password. If you forgot your password, enter your email address and we will send instructions telling you how to reset it. Click on the Reset My Password box.

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